2021 Collection

After months in the workshop learning new techniques and working with new materials, I am so excited to launch my line for you! Each product is created by hand, and is unique – so I hope you love my work, and love finding your perfect “unicorn”!

Oh, and just a quick note! Since all items are unique, my items will update as I create them, and pictures on my site may be of sold pieces. If you’re looking for something pictured, and it’s not for sale on the site, please contact me and we can chat.

And don’t forget…

A Unicorn is someone who knows they’re Magical and isn’t afraid to show it!

Upcoming Collections

I plan on creating three collections:

Precious Metal Clay Collection

This collection is composed of materials needing to be fired in order to see the metals infused in the clay.  There will be a variety of items in this collection including bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants.

Island Dreams Collection

Island Dreams jewelry pieces are inspired by my walks along the San Francisco Bay Shore and my trips to  various islands such as Hawaii, Curacao, Jamaica and Greece.  These pieces will incorporate sea shells, metal clays, beads, and pearls.


Jewelry from this collection ranges from simple elegance to very complex woven designs using a variety of beads.  Inspiration for these designs come from my own imagination in addition to patterns I have collected over the years.

Unicorns symbolize divine love, grace, beauty, gentleness, and purity… 


The bracelet I ordered from the Elegant Unicorn was a Mother’s Day gift, the birthstones of her daughters, granddaughters, and great granddaughters.

The bracelet turned out beautiful and mom loved it!”

– Tracy B.