Find Your Unicorn

One-of-a-Kind Jewelry Handcrafted
by LInda Woody-Wood

I didn’t fall in love with unicorns until my adulthood. I have always been an avid reader. In my youth I read mainly mysteries, horror, psy fi and romances. One day I became fascinated by the unicorn mystique. Unicorns are known to be rare, very strong, mysterious and loyal. They are also very rare. They are so rare, no one has ever seen one. The jewelry I produce is all made by hand. Because of this, no two pieces are ever the same. You could say, owning one of my pieces is like having your own unicorn.

The Vision

My vision for The Elegant Unicorn is to create pieces of jewelry that bring joy and pleasure to the wearer as long as they own the piece.

The Mission

My mission for The Elegant Unicorn is to inspire the magic and joy often forgotten after childhood.

“Wherever they may have come from, and wherever they may have gone, unicorns live inside the true believer’s heart. Which means as long as we can dream, there will be unicorns.”
Bruce Coville

In the Details

Jewelry Materials

Precious Metal Clay

My first pieces are made with Precious Metal Clay. Many people have not heard of this material. It truly is what the name says. It is metal ground up very fine and suspended in a medium to make clay. The clay must be kept moist. The clay can be shaped by molding, texturing, extruding, or any other method you would use with clay. In addition the clay can be made into a paste that can be painted onto a surface. Once a design is completed it is set aside to dry thoroughly before firing. Depending on the piece it may be fired using a torch or a kiln. Once firing is completed the piece is ready to wear. Precious Metal Clay comes in Fine Silver which is 99.9% silver. This medium is beautiful and soft. The next type is Sterling Silver which is 96% silver and 4% Bronze. Combining bronze with the silver adds strength to the final piece. It is very popular for making jewelry that may take a lot of abuse such as rings and bracelets. Gold also comes in a clay form. When fired it becomes 22 K gold. This is very soft and should be used as an embellishment or where the gold is protected. There are also copper and bronze clays.

In the future I plan to make jewelry from each of these clays but, for now my focus will be using fine silver.



In addition to the fine silver jewelry my second collection will be called Island Dreams. This collection was inspired by a walk I had with my dogs along the Bay Trail. Walking along the trail I noticed all the shells in the sand. This reminded me of the many sea shells I had collected during my travels. Shells are made of calcium carbonate. Animals build their shells by extracting the necessary ingredients—dissolved calcium and bicarbonate—from their environment. I will combine the shells with silver components to create necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Other Materials

Along with my silver creations I will be using pre-purchased natural and synthetic stones, ear wires, pendantes, chains, and beads to create a variety of different jewelry pieces.  All of these components are made from Nickel free metals.


“Linda’s jewelry items are perfect symbols for an earth-based centering. Mind-Body-Spirit balance is key for managing stressful times. Embodying wellness also shines for others. Linda can help you sparkle!”

– Sherryl N.Weston MA, MSW
Westcloud Inclusion & Wellness